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Volunteer Team :

HAC Ground Crew Chief:

James Leach,

Has been with HAC since 2007, a senior Engineer in the automotive industry and an experienced PPL having learnt to fly on the DH Tiger Moth.

Away from HAC James has also been involved in the build of several replica WW1 aircraft. He flies Tiger Moths with the Cambridge Flying Group as well as his own DHC Chipmunk.

HAC Ground Volunteers:

Mark Arnold

Volunteered as ground crew at the beginning of 2013. Now works as Workshop Manager within his family business, after serving in the RAF as an aircraft engine technician for 24 years and retired as a SNCO in 2010.

During his career he served 10 years on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight maintaining all their aircraft types. He also served on the F4 Phantom, Tornado GR1 & F3, Harrier GR7 & GR9, with which he saw active service in Afghanistan.  

Steve Barratt

An occasional member of the HAC team. Steve is an active flying instructor and examiner on Tiger Moths with the Cambridge Flying Group and a trustee of the de Havilland Educational Trust.

He also has an interest in a Tiger Moth restoration project and is often involved in other matters concerning old aeroplanes. In his spare time he has been known to raise a few pounds by travelling about the planet.  

Duncan Boon

Duncan has been working as ground crew for HAC since 2014. Is based closer to Retrotec Limited and Aero Vintage Limited where he assists in a variety of tasks related to the restoration of vintage military aircraft.

Gregory Boon

Gregory aged 16 (2017) is an avid aviation enthusiast who enjoy working with the HAC team when he can. He is a corporal in the Air Cadets where he has accumulated a number of hours flying with the Air Cadets and will be doing some work experience with the Red Arrows –Gregory's ultimate goal is to join the RAF.

Geoff Bouttell

Has been a member of the HAC team Ground Crew team since 2004. Geoff is an experienced PPL and has in the past organised and acted as Air Display Director for annual Rougham Tower Association air display.  

Steve Burnside

Started with the HAC in 2008 and has a passion for second world war aircraft. He is the proud owner of a fully restored 1945 Willys jeep and has started his PPL.  

Howard Cook

Has been with HAC since 1998. He has flown many types including the Spitfire V, Kittyhawk and F15 Eagle and has displayed the Hurricane, Nimrod II and Storch for HAC.

He is a Flying Instructor, Cruise Ship Speaker and is Honorary Commander of the 493rd Fighter Squadron US Air Force.  

Peta Cook

Has worked with HAC since 1999 and previous to that was part of the Black 6 team.

Alistair Ferguson

A retired airline captain, Alistair helps out HAC when circumstances allow.

Greg Gamez

Joined HAC at the beginning of 2015 after retiring, at the rank of Captain, from the USAF. He is a command combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan with 6 deployments and over 300 tactical missions to his credit. He is a current FAA ATP holder and will have added the EASA ATPL(A) before long.

He has flown everything from light single piston general aviation planes to high performance turboprop trainers. Though he has a number of hours in very high performance jet fighters he prefers the light and heavy multi-engine aircraft.

In the future he's looking to expand his aviation experiences with the goal of flying open cockpit biplanes and seaplanes.

Eileen Grover

Has been running the Duxford catering for the HAC Ground Crew since 2000.

Adrian Hatton

From a farming background and has been passionate about flying since the age of 6. Now a very experienced PPL pilot including gliders with many hours of aerobatics, display flying and RV7 touring experience around Europe. He is a Light Aircraft Association inspector who loves tinkering with old aeroplanes and cars.  

Jon Higgins

Jon Higgins was taught to fly and is still mentored by HAC's legendary warbird pilot Charlie Brown. He obtained his PPL at the age of 18 on the Chipmunk and quickly went on to obtain his display authorisation in 2009. Jon flies either his 'Chipmunk Solo Display' (aerobatic) or as a formation team member with 'The Red Sparrows'. 

Peter Holmes

Joined HAC as a volunteer Aircraft Engineer in September 2009. He has worked full time at Retrotec/Aerovintage since 2005 helping with the restoration of the HAC Nimrod II, Fury and DH9.  

Andy Leach

An avid historic aircraft and fast jet enthusiast, who joined HAC since his return to the UK in 2018. By profession, an elctro-mechanical engineer who now works in the IT industry specialising in financial products.

Whilst starting his PPL (H), he aspires to stay connected with vintage aviation.

David Petters

David Petters joined HAC in 2008 as ground crew. Away from the group David is an airline Captain flying Boeing 737's, taking his command at the age of 26. Outside work he flies the Chipmunk, Harvard and Tiger Moth as well as owning and operating a WW2 Morris C8 truck. David is working up his Display Authorisation to 'move up' the aircraft ladder.  

Derek Rusling

Helps with fund raising and sponsorship. Derek began his association with HAC through his involvement with the Merlins Over Malta project. 

Phill Sheppard

With a keen (inherited!) interest in vintage aviation and engineering, I joined the engine shop at Retrotec Ltd. In October 2017; shortly after I was invited to volunteer with the HAC ground crew.

Away from work I restore early internal combustion engines and enjoy showing them along with my classic Land Rover at vintage rallies during the summer months.

Bryan Simpson

Joined HAC the Ground Crew in 1997. Bryan used to work for Essex Ambulance Service on front line duties and, in addition to helping with the aircraft, is on hand for any medical issues that might arise!  

Sam Whatmough

Has been a volunteer for HAC since 2014, drawn to this amazing collection because of his love of vintage aircraft and remaining with HAC because of the wonderful people he gets to work with and meet through it.

He has been passionate about all things aviation since an early age - started learning to fly aged 15 and is now a Captain for a major airline, a flying instructor, display pilot and air racer!

Shaun Wilson

A HAC volunteer since 2010 when a chance volunteering opportunity presented itself. A Clinical system specialist for the NHS during working hours, but spare time sees him working on a 1979 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle restoration project.

PPL trained on a Piper P38 Tomahawk but still getting to grips with Tail draggers with occasional flights in Tiger Moths.