Some Client Testimonials :
Thank you HAC for sharing your time for us. It won't be long before you'll need more chairs As always lots to take in, learn and enjoy. No doubt my addiction will draw me to your future meetings.


25 January 2020 guest

Big thank you to all the team for another great experience yesterday and wonderful hospitality.. I would highly recommend these events to anyone


16 November 2019 guest

A terrific day, many thanks to all concerned.

My first HAC event but certainly not my last.


19 October 2019 guest

The opportunity to get up close and personal with historic aircraft of such pedigree was unbelievable. Coupled with fantastic hosts with incredible knowledge and detail - it was an amazing day.

The presentation from Artur, President of the Polish Airman's Association was engaging and entertaining. It is very rare you get to hear so many personal stories of the men that we all owe so much too.

Thank you HAC!


23 March 2019 guest

Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd. is housed in Duxford Imperial War museum, Cambridge. It is run by a small, dedicated team of enthusiasts with big hearts and a deep love for the aircraft they care for. All the team members are very knowledgeable, passionate aircraft operators (both pilots and engineers), and enthusiasts.

The booked HAC tour starts with a presentation on a given topic, then proceeds in to one of the Heritage Aircraft hangers. If part of the HAC tour, you are more than encouraged to participate in a 'hands on' experience with such iconic aircraft as the Spitfire, Hurricane, to name just a few which are still airworthy – even having the opportunity of sitting in one!! If only the aircraft could speak!! What tales they would tell of their adventures in the skies overhead!!!

There is also ample opportunity to have any questions answered about any aviation topic by the tour facilitators, during the tour itself around the aircraft, or over refreshments later.

This is a perfect experience as a special treat for any aviation enthusiast. It is a great privilege to have taken part in such an awesome experience!!!

Thank you all.

Jerzy and Izabella

6 October 2018 guests

I just wanted to write to thank you for a truly fantastic afternoon today at the at home day. It was utterly fantastic from start to finish. A joy to hear Guy speak regarding the resurrection of the DH9 and speak so passionately about Saftey and attention to detail in historic aviation.

The hours in the hangar went by in a flash and I will certainly be returning for future events! I look forward to the next one.

Kind Regards,


7 April 2018 guest

Was an amazing day and essential performance of Mr Kornicki's son. We were delighted to meet passionate - as we are -people there.

17 March 2018 guest

Really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. It was a special treat to get near so many great airplanes and hear their history. And obviously the best bit was to sit in a Spitfire. I went with my father in law who's dad was a pilot with the Polish airforce during the Second World War flying Spitfires, Hurricanes and Mustangs so was of particular interest to him.

There were some real characters at the event. I would recommend it to everyone.

17 March 2018 guest

HAC definitely have kept up the excellent standard of their @ Home presentations! Highly recommended.

17 February 2018 guest

It was a great day, well run and such a friendly bunch of people. Many thanks for making us all so welcome. I really enjoyed my chat with Howard. I would recommend it to anyone

17 February 2018 guest

Fantastic day, thanks to Dave and Charlie Brown for their interesting talks, heres to the next one.

2 December 2017 guest

A fantastic day. Thank you so so much for everything you guys did today. I will never forget it. Thank you to Charlie and all the staff for being so nice and so friendly. I learnt so much and to get that close to all the aircraft was truly amazing. I really want to come back. Thank you all so much.

2 December 2017 guest

Thank you for an amazing day, great to meet you all and we are so grateful for the opportunity of getting close to your aircraft. We had such a fantastic time.

2 December 2017 guest

Thank you for a great day and for making us feel so welcome. Much appreciated chaps .

2 December 2017 guest

Fascinating day! Highly recommend these events as they are relaxed, very informative and allow one to get 'up close & personal' with beloved aircraft!

18 November 2017 guest

What a fantastic afternoon. A chance to look round some great aircraft and then to hear from Charlie and Dave about flying them ... a privilege.

And then to top it all a chance to sit in BM597.

Recommended to anyone with an interest in these wonderful warbirds.

22 April 2017 guest

Was there yesterday and must say how enjoyable it was, everyone at HAC was fantastic and so helpful. It's a privilege to see their aircraft up close. If you are thinking of going then go for it, you won't be disappointed.

I will hopefully go again next year.

22 April 2017 guest

I did complete a feedback form on the day but if you could just pass a little feedback to the team as well that would be great?

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was very interesting getting up so close to those beautiful aircraft and chat to the very people who keep them beautiful and flying.

Sitting in a Spitfire and then chatting to a bloke who actually flies it is something I won't forget in a hurry…..

I could listen to Charlie for days and not get bored. What an incredibly interesting bloke. What a moustache!

I'll be doing another of these days in the future.

Thanks for arranging this day.

Best regards,

22 April 2017 guest

Thank you for a great day. Charlie and the, Team were really great. I had so many questions that were all answered. Topped off with a up close and personal Cockpit view of the, Spitfire Mk 5. Dream come true for me.


22 April 2017 guest

A great memory of sitting in a spitfire. If you have any more opportunities to sit in or get close to these aircraft please let me know. I love the hands on experiences.

22 April 2017 guest

A great afternoon really enjoyed it, thank you for the access. Never tire of seeing these warbirds up close.

4 March 2017 guest

A most excellent afternoon, thanks to all the HAC pilots and volunteers who helped put it on.

4 March 2017 guest

Marvellous afternoon with good company and unique experience to literally touch the past. Thanks.

4 March 2017 guest

A great afternoon really enjoyed it, thank you for the access. Never tire of seeing these warbirds up close.

4 March 2017 guest

Hi Janice

I wanted to send my sincere thanks to all your HAC team for looking after my wife, son, daughter and I so well and making us all feel part of the HAC family The day was a one in a million experience for us all and we are all very grateful. A big thank you from us


Alex & family May 2016'At Home' guest
Hello Clare

May l take this opportunity to thank all at H.A.C for making Saturday a fantastic day.

I totally enjoyed the event every body was so friendly and welcoming l would recommend H.A.C very highly to anyone who has an interest in vintage aviation. Well done look forward to doing this again hopefully with me son.

Many thanks

Stephen S. 2016 guest
Hi Clare,

Please would you say a huge thank you to the whole team for a fabulous afternoon, last Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and to actually sit in a Spitfire well, that was off the scale!

While we were having coffee and cakes (the cakes were excellent), I was talking to Charlie, Dave and Janice and they told me the Collection would be doing an A2A photo-shoot in June. If possible, could you put me down as a definite for this event.

Best wishes to you and all at HAC,

Neil 2016 guest
Hi Clare,

Just wanted to say what a great afternoon we had with Charlie and the HAC guys. With such a small intimate group great conversations were possible which made the whole event absorbing and for me sitting in BM597 was a huge bonus. We ran out of time to visit the aircraft restoration workshop so I would really like to do that at some point in the future if possible? Anyway, many thanks to all involved what turned out to be a superb afternoon.

Phil November 2016 guest
Dear Clare/Janice/Angus,

I would like to say thank you to everyone for what was a fantastic afternoon, I didn't want it to end. Everybody was so welcoming and friendly you almost felt part of the HAC family by the warmth of the welcome.

Is there anything I would change? No I don't think there would be, the tour was quite comprehensive and highly interesting, sitting in the spitfire was a first for me and a memory not to be forgotten as well as having a look into and over the Hawkers. One thing I think worked really well was the number of people on the tour, it seemed just the right amount for it to remain quite an intimate event (as well as manageable) and enough for all to mingle and get to know each other.

The only downside to the day, having to drive back to Scotland!

Thank you for arranging a truly wonderful event.

Yours sincerely

Andrew November 2016 guest
Please pass on our thanks to everyone that was involved with the first HAC open day at the Imperial war museum at Duxford on Saturday the 7th November. Amanda and I had an absolutely fabulous time; the warm welcome that was given to us on arrival and the way we were made to feel at home and very comfortable in the company of everyone at the HAC was very much appreciated. The fabulous access to the two hawkers and the opportunity to sit inside BM597, an airplane I have seen many times at air shows was one of the highlights of the year for me. The opportunity to chat to the gentleman who fly and service the planes was a rare chance to listen to their experiences being involved with the HAC fleet . There was nothing too much trouble for anyone to help us with. We look forward to another opportunity to do it all again.

My own interest would be to see the access to the workings of the two hispano cannons and four Vickers machine guns and maybe an engine run with all the start-up sequence explained.

Very best regards

John & Amanda November 2016 guest