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HAC can offer a wide range of air displays services, from a simple flypast at weddings, funerals or corporate events, through aerobatic displays, displays to music and even complete air show programmes.

You can book individual aircraft, a combination of aircraft or you can book to fly in formation with one our fighter aircraft in the comfort of a modern passenger aircraft or helicopter.

We often co-ordinate our ground displays with the RAF at War a re-enactor group who can provide authentic ground support to us.

HAC fly the Spitfire and Hurricane for Musical Associate's concerts up and down the country.

All sorties are priced at competitive rates and all income goes towards the enormous cost of maintaining these vintage warbirdst.HAC aircraft have displayed for numerous air-displays in the UK and throughout Europe including France, Switzerland, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia.

Nothing is too challenging or too far but it is likely to be more expensive!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Due to all UK displays flying below 500 ft requiring CAA consent;

all bookings must be made at least 2 months before the display date to allow for the CAA consents to be obtained.